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Freedom Available in Cans Today!


As the rains of June dissipate and the warm days of summer become the norm, it’ll become increasingly difficult to drink anything but cold, refreshing Lagers. And as luck would have it, two of Portland’s best breweries have teamed up once again to create a lager that “leaves you no other choice.”

Culmination Brewing and Modern Times PDX’s second edition of Freedom Lager is new and improved for 2019. Last year it featured “mountain fresh water, and only the choicest corn and hops.” But last year’s version seems like child’s play compared to this year’s rice delight. If you’ve spent time at Culmination over the past month or so, you may have tried the latest pilot batch version, Crispy Beta V.14. Pretty solid, although anyone who knows anything will tell you that V.9 was better…

Freedom is an American Light Adjunct Lager brewed using 15% rice at a high gravity. Post-fermentation the beer was blended with deaerated sterile water (think deoxygenated) to dilute the ABV back down to 4.8%. This is how the biggest beer houses do it, so they thought it’d be fitting to do the same. Sporting a gorgeous hay color, it’s highlighted by sweet rice character, including notes of hay, lemongrass, and soft citrus. Incredibly refreshing and crisp, it’s the only choice for red-blooded freedom lovers.

Freedom cans are being packaged this morning, will be available later today, and are conveniently packaged in 6-packs ($10) and 18-packs ($24) for the Maximum Quenching of Oppressive Thirsts! Be sure to celebrate your Star-Spangled Freedom to crush a shit ton of Crispy Lagers this summer by picking up as many cases as you can. They may not be around long…


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