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About CBS

Warren Wills Craft Beer Scribe Picture

I’ve covered the Portland craft beer scene since 2010, first via the now defunct craft beer blog “Hoppiness Is…”, next as a contributor to Beer Zen Journal in Osaka, Japan. And until January of 2018, I did freelance work for as the Assistant Editor and Portland Correspondent. While there, I created a series on every state of the union entitled “The State of American Craft Beer.”

My other recent work includes generating blog content for Orchestrated Beer (until October 2018), a CBD extraction site called Industry Supply (until February 2019), and for a CBD retailer, Relief CBD (until March 2019).

Today I work in the Portland beer industry as the Operations Manager at Day One Distribution, a specialty craft beer distributor. I’m also employed as a Marketing Consultant for The Caputo Group, assisting with event promotion and the marketing that surrounds it.

Being that I spend much of my days meeting with and discussing the current industry with people throughout Portland’s brewing culture (and have been regularly doing so the past 7 years), I’m also available as a freelance consultant.

If you’re planning to start a brewery, are a smaller brewery seeking guidance, or an established brewery looking for marketing, social media, logistics, and/or industry advice, please feel free to drop me a line via my contact page.

I also used to write about indie music in Minneapolis and national politics, but you’re unlikely to find me talking about those things here… mainly just beer.

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