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Buzzwords, Branding and You

Between now and April I will be writing 3 to 4 blog posts a month, as part of my full time job at a local craft beverage software company. And I’ll be honest, these articles are a little more wonky, inside-baseball, what-have-you… definitely appealing to the truly dedicated craft beer industry nerd, if you self-identify as such.

I’m slowly wading my way into the world of social media marketing/writing etc. so bear with me if this all seems a bit silly. But hey.. they pay me, I love the people I work with, and it’s been intriguing to approach the industry from a different angle.

So my latest article approaches the word salad that is craft beer branding in an overcrowded marketplace. And this is a new thing for me: linking an external article I wrote to my personal page, so feel free to give me hell in the comments or sing my praises if the spirit moves you…

How Buzzwords & Packaging Impact Beer Branding

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