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who are you & how did you get here?

Uhh hi…?

I’m not quite sure how you found me, but here you are. Well, I guess I can at least explain what’s going on here…

What you’ve stumbled upon is my return to independence. After nearly 4 years of writing and editing at, this will become my new home starting February 1st.

Yep… I’ve just about flown the coop and will soon be working freelance, focusing more exclusively on the Portland Metro area and all things craft beer in the state of Oregon.

What this blog will turn out to be, I’m not so sure yet… it could be as simple as something to do between other projects, or it could become something far bigger.

For now it’s basic and easy. A refreshing change of pace.

So don’t ask too many questions or set your expectations too high. You have 24 days of waiting ahead of you.

Thanks for stopping by. Cheers!

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