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pFriem Announces Expansion and New Facility in Cascade Locks

Today pFriem Family Brewers officially announced the expansion of their existing Hood River operation, plus the creation of a new storage and packaging facility in Cascade Locks. Having effectively maxed out their footprint in the Halyard Building production facility, an additional location has become a necessity to keep up with demand.

The first phase of the project will begin within the next six weeks as construction begins on a new 22,000 sq ft “secondary production and packaging facility,” 23 miles west, in Cascade Locks. This new location will house their ever growing wood barrel-aged and sour production processes, as well as cold and dry storage warehouses.

Rendering of the new facility planned for Cascade Locks.

“The Cascade Locks project will allow us to significantly expand our barrel aging program while consolidating our warehousing and cold storage operations in a beautiful new facility,” said Josh Pfriem, Brewmaster and Co-Founder. “It will also free up space in our current Hood River brewery for a new state-of-the-art brewhouse, increased fermentation capacity, and sophisticated canning line.”

The beginning signs of expansion were made clear to local media visiting their location Saturday evening. A number of walls within the west end of the Halyard Building have already been taken down to make room for larger fermentation vessels, a ~30 barrel brewhouse, as well as the aforementioned canning line.

Head Brewer Gavin Lord explains the recent changes on the west end of the building.

The existing 15 barrel brewhouse will continue to be used for their smaller batch and barrel-aged offerings (transported to the new facility for aging and packaging), with the new brewhouse being focused primarily on larger releases, including the IPA and Pilsner flagship brands.

pFriem’s first phase of expansion – completion of the Cascade Locks facility & increased tank space, has been projected for completion in early 2020, which will enable an increase of production from 20,000 to 30,000 barrels annually.

The second phase, which includes the new brewhouse, is expected to be completed over the next two years, ultimately increasing capacity to 60,000 barrels annually, with room for even greater capacity as they also have a third phase waiting in the wings.

“The goal has been to increase our offerings, continue to boost quality and innovation, and to create opportunities for our employees to further their careers and personal lives in the special communities that we are lucky to be a part of,” said Pfriem.


In the meantime, the brewery will be releasing their new IPA and Pilsner cans starting in March, with 5,000 barrels expected to be canned in 2019, and no immediate plans to expand their existing distribution footprint (OR, WA, and select cities).

Having finished 2018 with the creation of 140 unique beers, while accumulating the most awards and accolades of any year since their founding 2012 – including being named the 2018 GABF Mid-Size Brewing Company of the Year, pFriem is showing no signs of slowing down, nor compromising the quality beer the Pacific Northwest has come to expect.

Learn more about pFriem’s expansion plans in today’s press release.

Ken Whiteman Josh Pfriem and Rudy Kellner - pFriem Hood River Oregon
Founders Ken Whiteman, Josh Pfriem, and Rudy Kellner discuss the expansion Saturday night.
The current barrels have been moved to the west perimeter wall where the foeders once resided.
Gavin Lord Head Brewer pFriem Coolship Hood River Oregon
Writers Pete Dunlop & Parker Hall look on as Gavin Lord describes the airflow for the coolship.
The always dependable pFriem Pilsner in The Bear’s Den Taproom.

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