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Don’t Miss Coalition’s Two Flowers CBD Beer Fest!

Coalition Brewing Two Flowers CBD Beer Fest 420

Nobody can say they didn’t see this coming. A CBD beer festival in one of the world’s beer capitals, now also one of the largest producers of marijuana in the world? Naturally, this is a match made in Beervana…

This Friday, come join Coalition Brewing as they celebrate 420 with the first festival created to not only celebrate their Two Flowers CBD infused beer, but also feature a number of other CBD focused events. All happening from 3 to 10pm at their recently remodeled Ankeny location.

Two Flowers IPA, the first commercially produced Cannobidoil (CBD) infused beer in Oregon, was created to showcase the aromatics of a Pacific Northwest style IPA, alongside the organic aromatics present in cannabis terpenes, without the presence of THC. It weighs in with a 6 % ABV, 55 IBUs, and 3 mg of CBD per 12oz glass.

There will be additional CBD infused beers available as well, including their latest beer project “Ensemble” in collaboration with True Terpenes. This brew will feature a taste profile that showcases OG Kush terpenes in a tasty NW Pale Ale.

Additionally, the event will feature a Special Toast at 4:20pm (…naturally), not to mention a Terpene Sensory Station by True Terpenes, live music, food from The Jamaican House food cart, games, and giveaways.

A panel discussion will also take place at 6pm, including the following speakers:

Anna Symonds  CBD Certified / East Fork Cultivars (CBD Education)
Courtney Moran – Earth Law (Hemp Lobbyist)
Leah Mauer – The Weed Blog (Community and Advocacy)
Jason Calderon – West Daily (Working with Hemp in Clothing)

The entire event is sponsored by GrowlerWerks, with additional partners and sponsors including CBD Certified & East Fork Cultivars, True Terpenes, The Weed Blog and West Daily.

For further information and updates, check out their event page on facebook.

GrowlerWerks UKeg Coalition Two Flowers Fest

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